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Moonsoon Magic at Swapnagandha Valley,Goa

"Let the rain kiss you
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
Let the rain sing you a lullaby."

By Langston Hughes
 It’s all about for “love of rain”,for “love of nature". Being born romantic,I adore monsoon and loves to re-tune myself with dancing droplets of monsoon.The last September when I escaped to shower splashed “Swapnagandha” valley,Chorla Ghats,Goa,I reawakened from mundane of daily life.
swapnagandha valley
Swapnagandha Valley,Chorla ghat,Goa
Goa, is not about only for sea,sand and sunshine.Strikingly scenic "Swapnagandha" portrays a completely different facet of Goa,the road less traveled.It took us almost three and half hours from Goa Airport to reach this still undisturbed wilderness,nestled in the cosy crook of Chorla Ghat (ghat means hilly terrain).The valley unfolds its virgin beauty with blushing wild flowers,fresh shadows of green,gushing waterfalls,mist covered mountains,a lake in the lap of mountain with various wild animals in the surrounding forest.What else do you require to soak in nature,to be caressed by the shower,to smell scent of damp earth,to watch melancholy of sky?

Wildernest Nature Resort,Chorla Ghat,Goa:Staying amidst wilderness in a true sense:

We had stayed in waterfall view cottage of “Wildernest Nature Resort” surrounded with unspoiled virgin forest,waterfalls and wildlife.and for two days we simply did nothing,though experienced so many things.Whole front wall of the room is made of glass and that will make your day from sunrise to sunset.


The best thing of that nature resort that they have not destroyed a single tree of the jungle and wildlife,though they are fully equipped with all the modern amenities like a bar,a restaurant and nice swimming pool. But restaurant had some set buffet menu which is very unique in taste as well as designed keeping in mind one's health.In the night time also no flashy lights,only bamboo lights in the area,more than 100% Eco-freindly resort.I salute the whole 'wildernest' team who made this possible.The Amazing view of twin waterfalls in the backdrop of green mountains will surely blow away your mind,compensate your every penny you spend.

The Jungle BAR inside "Wildernest Nature Resort",Goa,Chorla Ghats
The night was little frightening with hissing sounds of reptiles and hooting of owls.The next day morning I wake up along with the bird-song.Found some monkeys sitting innocently on my jungle machan balcony(machan means wooden floor\balcony on top of trees adjacent to the room).
The weather was always cloudy,blissfully romantic.Lazily clouds and the dense fog covered the valley,waterfalls started disappearing from the vision &I was kissed by the rain standing amidst misty cloud.Magic spell of monsoon started to spread its charm inside the virgin valley "Swpnagandha" and I was the silent spectator of "CELEBRATION OF LIFE".

How to Reach Swapnagandha Valley,Chorla Ghat,Goa:

By Air:100 KM from Goa Airport.Ask for pick up from the resort.
By Road:Chorla ghat is almost 50-60 Km away from Panaji,Goa.You can hire a cab from Goa.

Where to Stay At Swapnagandha Valley,Chorla Ghat,Goa:

Undoubtedly "Wildernest Nature Resort”Don't forget to do a advance room booking or at least do some availability inquiry before reaching to the resort as there is no other option in the middle of the jungle.

Season To Visit Swapnagandha Valley,Chorla Ghat,Goa

It totally depends upon you.If you want to go for hiking,nature trail,forest walk and lot of outdoor activities then avoid monsoon (June to September).But if you don't want to follow best practices all the time,try your luck in monsoon.

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