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Wayand,Kerala:Way to Pristine Nature

It's summer and Kerala in summer means too hot and humid.So most of the tourist avoid this destination. And here lies the trick to avoid cacophony of tourist crowd.The 'God's Own Country' has much to offer in summer also.“Wayanad” on the lofty Western Ghats is strikingly scenic,and is known for its romantic scenarios, picturesque hill stations,sprawling spice plantations,parrot green tea gardens,luxuriant forest and lakes.Wayanad is still a virgin paradise.
From Mysore we headed towards Kalpetta in Wayanad district,Kerala.This road journey from Mysore to Kalpetta has two benefits.First one travel through awesome "Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary" where  herds of wild elephants,and a lot of other wildlife sighting is very common.Second road condition is very good,it is as smooth as butter.
Mysore -->Gundulpet-->Sultan Bathrey-->Kalpetta (Approx 140 KM)

Road To Wayanad,Kerala

Destination weather, specifically when it is hot summer in India,the most important thing to consider which can make your travel a wonderful and who can become the spoilsport of your journey.At end of the April we have found misty early mornings with cool breeze coming from the hill,little hot mid afternoon but yes it is tolerable and very much pleasant evening.One thing if you are planning for Wayanad in summer then try to stay at some higher region like Vythri hills, Banasura hills or inside tea\coffee plantation where weather is more pleasant.

Early Morning from Planet Green Plantation Resort,Kalpetta

Stay Cool: There are many places in Wayanad to stay from budget to very higher range,from tree house accommodation to earthen luxury suite,form luxurious tent to homely home stays. Depending upon our budget and close to cool nature,we have chosen Planet Green Plantation Resort,Kalpetta which is more of a home stay than a hotel,where personal caring of the owner and resort's stuff is really appreciable.In the early morning we used to have a cup of coffee\tea in the balcony and soak in serene,calm nature. And after two days we were completely rejuvenated and refreshed.

Summer Destination,Wayanad,Kerala

Things to do in Wayanad in Summer: 

Early Morning Elephant Safari: Wayanad wild life sanctuaries where elephants roam freely and tigers are sighted occasionally.Various species of deer,monkeys,birds etc also live here.Elephant rides are arranged by the Forest Department  from early morning  to evening 5PM.

Visit to Banasura Dam in late afternoon: Banasura Sagar Dam is situated 21 km from the town of Kalpetta and is built on the tributary of the Kabani River. It is starting point of the trekking of the Banasura hills. Speed Boat ride is available in the dam and enjoy that experience at the cost of 500Rs per boat. It is worth to spend sometime here.

Banasura Sagar Dam,Wayanad

Visit To Pookot Lake: A fresh water lake nestled among green brunches of Wayanad hills. Little crowded.

An evening in Pokoot Lake

Lakkadi View Point: We reached at the view point at the end of our sightseeing tour and I feel,this point should not be a miss.Once you reach top of Lakkidi, you can have a bird's eye view of the deep green valley, and the beautiful winding ghat roads.

Zooming in from Lakkidi View point,Wayanad

Visit To Kuruvadweep:  If you have time you can give it a try. But I like the unique way of crossing the river to reach the island. Basically it is vast delta on Kabani river away from city,surrounded with lush green trees and small small streams,monkeys,various species of birds.I find the place heavily crowded at the end of April by local people and which ultimately destroyed the serenity and beauty of the place.

Unique way of Crossing the Kabani River

There are many more places like Menumetty Waterfalls(no water in summer), Edekkal caves but we gave those a miss and opt to relax in our balcony where clouds and mist spreads the chill and eyes rest in green peace