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Summer Blooms In Sikkim

Summer Blooms In The Courtyard of Sikkim, In the Wild Bushes of Mountains Trails

If nature is mother then flower is obviously soul of mother nature. Flower has a soothing power to attract,to charm and to mesmerize.The mountains of Himalaya are embellished with plenty of flowers.
Sikkim is a world's one of the major flower hub ,very rich in biodiversity with 600 species of orchids, 240 species of trees and ferns, 150 varieties of gladioli, 46 types of rhododendrons along with a variety of magnolias and many other foliage plants.Flowers love to bloom in the cool moist temperate climate of Sikkim's high mountain ridges or on the slopes of plunging valleys or into the deep of known - unknown forest trails, so as the Sikkimese love to protect nature.Sikkim also host an International Flower Festival every year from  March to May to display exotic varieties of flora native to Sikkim .

Flowers mesmerize me at every place whenever I am into the highland of Sikkim. Mountain slopes ,wooden homes,gardens,resorts ,roadsides,monasteries all are adorned by various mountain flowers.And the upper ridges of the hills like versey, yumthung valley dazzled with the crazy bloom of white pink and red rhododendrons in spring. I rush to these highland every year in summer /spring like honey bees attracted towards flowering grooves.

The bunches of small wild roses are very common in these mountains in abundance and  their smells with moist air soothes me like nothing else.

I have seen many variants of Azaleas (varieties of small Rhododendrons), but  eyes were delighted with these soothing bloom of peach pink one.

And the morning dew freshens up the white Azaleas .

As the first ray of sun kisses the petals of maroon -violet Lilly, they brighten my days.The colors are so uncommon ,so vivid ,should I say maroon or violet or mixture of both the tones?

These tiny little bright blooms adorn the mountain walls like a flower woven carpet stitched passionately.

I don't know the names of theses small dazzling beauty.But the fiery orange with a brighter yellow in the middle, with soft green rounded leaves all over shows nature has its own style.

And who cares about these soft tender wild grass flowers on the both sides of meandering mountain trails ?I feel they are charming and makes my voyage a picturesque one .

There are many more to explore and will share some more in coming days.