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Winter Sojourn Of Migrating Birds,Chilika,Orissa

Do you love to observe flights of those colorful wings?Or the movements or the chirping sounds of those feathered beauties?Yes I am talking about birds,one of the most beautiful creature of the nature.Chilika lake along coastal area of Orissa is largest wintering ground of millions of migratory birds including pink flamingos in Indian subcontinent and a true paradise for bird-watchers.
Fisher Man's Boat is getting ready to sail  in vast Chilika
So when one of our close friend  invited us to his hometown(Bhubaneswar,Orissa) to bless the new couple,instantly I accepted the invitation with a broad smile and behind the scene my travel-freak mind started preparation for exotic Chilika Lake. India's biggest inland saline water lake spread over 1,100 square kilometers,dotted with numerous islands and finally merges with Bay Of Bengal.The lagoon also,hosts the rare Irrawaddy dolphin as well as an unique ecosystem. I am sure you will be captivated by the incredible view of lagoon’s cobalt blue water encircled by the hills.The water of this lagoon ripples dreamily,periodically dancing with the gentle breeze from across the Bay of Bengal.So Chilika has much to offer for an ardent lover of a nature.
Chilika Lake in his own rhythm
Birding tour at Chilika:

Winter is the loveliest time to visit Chilika.As this time of the year only thousands of migratory birds flying in from the Caspian Sea,Baikal Lake,remote parts of Russia,Mongolia,Ladakh,Siberia,Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Himalayas to this lagoon to feel the warmth of Chilika and make it their winter habitat. The numerous islands dotted with some romantic name like Honeymoon Island,Nalban Island,Birds island along Chilika are basically wintering grounds for the birds.Nalban "a weed covered island in local language" is the core area of the Chilika Lake wetland and declared as Bird Sanctuary.You need permission from the forest department to venture in Nalban.The island gets merged in rainy season.

Migratory Birds at Chilika Lake,Orissa

A white bellied Sea Eagle,Chilika
Watching rare dolphins near Satpada:
Satapada on Chilika is home for Irrawaddy dolphin and dolphins can be seen their.There are also ample opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and boating.Sailing in Chilika while sun is setting down is an dream like experience.Water shines and last rays of setting sun looks lovely .The lake with the golden ray of setting sun started looking like a painting,a moment to cherish for lifetime.

A moment to cherish forever ,Sunset at Chilika

Where To Stay: We had booked Orissa Tourism Development Corporation cottage,Panthanivas beforehand. OTDC has lake facing,very well maintained, big AC rooms.The service was quite decent; regardless the cottages are spread over a large area.OTDC had also arranged all our island tours,boating arrangements.I feel OTDC hotels are best bet to adore the beauty of Chilika.Food is also excellent.The evening was quite relaxing inside OTDC's lake facing balcony with some chilled beers and fish, prawn fries.We knew that we can get succulent sea foods, fresh fish, prawns, crabs etc at Chilika as Chilika is an ecosystem with huge fishery resource.The cool zephyr(with salt water smell) coming from the lagoon took away all our exhaustion.
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Picture Courtesy:Mr Gourab Mukherjee and rights reserved to this blog.