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Aritar Lake,Sikikm - Explore Offbeat Trails Of Sikkim,

 Come Closer to Kangchendzonga ,Aritar Lake,Sikikm

"Sikkim" I believe,a place closer to Shangri La and a place always will be close to my heart.I been to 'Sikkim' several times already and whenever I started feeling restless or laid back from the hustle bustle of city-life,Sikkim has become my savior due to several reasons.One major reason,there is Himalaya with abundance of natural beauty,majestic view of Kanchenjunga,unique calmness in the weather, warm hearted,friendly 'Sikkimese' people and mouthwatering momos.I am dieing fan of steam-hot,soft,thinly 'maida' coated,mutton,pork even simple veg dumplings with eye-watering red chilli chutney.
Being a resident of Kolkata,a college student of Siliguri (a city nestled in the foothill of Himalaya,gateway of Sikkim) I never per-planned my journey to Sikkim,a place known to me for several years.In a fine morning of October I filled up my bags and on boarded to Darjeeling mail from Sealdah to New Jalpaiguri and then NJP to Gangtok.I will not describe much about Gangtok in this post,as this time my destination was Aritar,in eastern region of Sikkim,isolated from the rest of the state.It is a tiny hamlet encircled by Mt Kangchendzonga.In a clear sky day, panoramic view of Kangchendzonga will greet you from every corner of Aritar.
Kangchendzonga from our home stay in Aritar Sikkim
Dusk was falling when we arrived and after a little hunt we found a beautifully appointed farm house emblazoned with flowers at the edge of hill.I was always overwhelmed by the warmth of 'Sikkimese' people and this time was also no exception.The resident cook had prepared a welcome bouquet meal for us with lots of momos,noodles and thukpa which perked up our mood instantly.

There was further excitement awaiting for us.I woke up early still it was dark,sarong of mist draped over green of valley and firms.I took a stroll through the shadowy winding path which leads us to the cliff top.The sight that greeted us is still my best 'Sunrise View'.Dawn arrives over the "Himalayan" range.First ray of sun started caressing the snow capped peaks of "Mt Kangchendzonga" with flecks of orange,red and yellow.As sun rises above,white snow capped peak of Kangchendzonga dazzled like a golden crown,the backdrop sky started playing "holi"(Festival of color,in India).The splendor of seeing sunrise over magnificent mountains cant not be described,has to be experienced.

Sunrise Over Kangchendzonga as seen from Aritar,East Sikkim
A layer below,deep in the valley,quite "Lamapokhri" lake was looking like a sleeping beauty bedecked with fantasy,as if she will wake up with the divine ray of dawn.It is quite and air is cool and moist.Morning rays started to spread warmth inside sleepy village with terraced farm fields.On the winding road back,green water of Lamaphokri lake surrounded by tall pine,far,deodar trees welcomed us with its splendid solitaire.Still I cant help :thinking of that "Tranquil Beauty".The beauty of the place still not threatened by the tourism monsters.

Early Morning View Of Aritar Lake

Later in the morning we visited "Aritar Gumpa"a monastery of the Kagyuapa order,considered as one of the holiest and oldest in Sikkim.The monastery was beautifully built with traditional Buddhist architecture with moral and paintings and treasure for old manuscript.The sun bleached prayer flags on bamboo poles bid adieu to us from the place,closer to Shangri-La.

Holy Prayer Flags

Must Do in Aritar ,Sikkim: 

Watch the sun rise over the Kangchendzonga.Do a trek short or long in and around.Try some momo and traditional local dishes.

Places to See around Aritar,Sikkim:

 If you love hiking ,then a trek to Phushery Lake,Pangolakha and Rachela, the historic tri junction border of Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan,is quite thrilling experience.You may have chance to see red panda,peasant,rare species of butterflies,wild orchids and other exotic flora and fauna.

How To Reach Aritar ,Sikkim:

Bagdogra is the nearest airport and New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station. From Siliguri it is almost 5-6 hours drive by hired cab or can be reached by four hours drive from Gangtok via Rangpo.

Where to Stay In Aritar Sikkim:

If you need star category hotel,then this place is not for you.Couple of budget hotel is there .But I have seen some good home stay \farm house near the view point.

 Best Season to Visit Aritar,Sikkim

Avoid rainy season June to August,as these area is prone to landslide.Autumn and winter is best for Kangchendzonga View.