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Quiet and Beautiful Beaches In Orissa

Musing By The Sea, Chandrabhaga Beach ,Orissa ,Konarak

 Its not always about destination, sometimes the journey through the roads, through the densely wooded, canopied roads, by the side of sea shore becomes more enchanting, memorable. Each place has its own charm, something to cherish. But you need that acumen to sense that, you need that enthusiasm to go extra mile to find the best out of it.

Heritage,sun and sand meets in this coastal town of Orissa.Puri the age old beach as well as spiritual destination of Bengali’s does not only mean to mingle into madly crowd of "Swargadwar" or getting hitched by thousands of pilgrims flocking towards Jagannath temple. Though I feel without savoring pure ghee fried Goja (a special crispy crunchy sweet) from "Kakatua"(famous sweet shop ) and without savoring instantly fried seafood like prawns- pomfrets-crabs from the sea facing road side stall of Swargadwar, it will be injustice to my  greedy (only for food )soul. So the very first evening I finished my must do things in an around Puri.

Journey by Marine Drive Road:Crossing beautiful Nuanai River, On the way to Konarak
To avoid hustle bustle of Puri,next Day morning we hired bikes and headed towards Konarak through picturesque Marine Drive Road, following Bay Of Bengal at our right hand side.Now one thing we always prefer to hire bike than a car (where possible), it gives us the freedom to stop wherever we like,to travel in our own will. After 30-40 minutes bike ride,passing villages, sanctuaries,quiet grassy river beds and lastly we found our quiet sandy retreat, by the side of Ramchandi beach. An endless space of sand,water and sky.We stayed at Lotus Resort, ideal for an intimate and tranquil gateway.

Our Intimate Gateway by the side of sea shore:Lotus Eco Village Resort
 The Bay of Bengal off the isolated virgin white sands of Ramchandi beach lolls innocently in the near distance.Few nicely painted tourist boats are embarked on the river mouth of Kushabhadra and ready to sail off to the endless blue of Bay of Bengal, stretched to horizon. Salty sea breeze creates ripple over thick growth of Casuarina plantation.It is scenically situated on the confluence of Kushabhadra River and Bay of Bengal, 7 km before Konark on the Marine drive road from Puri to Konark.The place is popularly known for temple of Goddess Ramchandi presiding deity of Konark.
Where river joins sea ,a scenic splendor

A lonely fisherman

The romance just doesn’t stop here. We had an open air  lunch under the shades of Casuarina trees in front of a vast landscape of calm blue water touching wide sky scape.After having a sumptuous buffet lunch at Lotus Resort , we headed towards "Chandrabhaga beach" in Konarak. This beach is still untouched and less crowded. Purity of blue water,fury of the waves,haze of white foam will sooth your senses.Some waves are gentle touching our toes,some are furious enough to bath us,some are curling around our feet and playing with those waves with my son is real fun to us.Me and my son collected many sea shells with different shapes and colors from the shore and brought those little pieces to our home as beautiful memories of "Chandrabhaga Beach",a precious souvenir.Walking along this straight  beach while sun sets,will rekindle the joy of traveling once again.

Leaving our footprint :Chandrabhaga Beach,Orissa,near Konarak
The voice of the waves still echo in my ear.I leave my footprint on the sand of the sea shore.Its time to start a new year.Good Bye 2013.

End Of A Day

Where To Stay In Puri: To enjoy heritage and serenity of Puri , my choices are from high end to budget category.

1)Mayfair Beach Resort,Puri
2)Holiday Resort Puri
3)BNR Chanyaka Hotel
3)Panthanivas By OTDC

To muse by the sea shore with exclusive beaches ,without having cacophony of tourists,then go for:

1)Toshali Sand Resort,besides Nuanai River
2)Lotus Eco Resort,Ramchandi Beach,near Konarak