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Konarak Sun Temple -A World Heritage Site

A Chariot Of Sun God

There is a certain timeless attraction in ancient India's art, culture ,sculpture and architecture.Among them Konarak Sun temple certainly a masterpiece of outstanding artistry, skill, & craftsmanship which made me awestruck when I last time visited. Serene sea side, cool ocean bridge,bright sunshine,giant wheels ,erotic sculptures, intricate carvings on walls  and amidst all of them "The Chariot Of Sun God" standing grandly bearing testimonial of one of the most beautiful architectural marvel of 1300 B.C.Intricate carvings on the walls tells ancient stories, erotic sculptures immaculately describe the  lust,passion,desire and various maithunas of men and women.Sometimes it makes me think what was the purpose of these erotic sculptures in holy places like Konarak,Khajuraho? where ancient India's culture and religion are mostly known as conservative one. Wheels of time progressed a lot, but Konarak Sun Temple made his place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In my opinion Konarak Sun Temple is a must visit where heritage meets serenity.There is also an option for serene seaside staying near to Konarak.For detail description check my below post: Musing By The Sea,Orissa ,Konarak

A timeless masterpiece ,Konarak Sun Temple,ornamented chariot of Surya(Sun)

Nata Mandir @ Konarak Sun temple

Simha Gaja (Lion on top of an elephant) at the entrance of Konarak temple

And the famous elaborately carved wheels of time , Actually the temple symbolizes a chariot which has been drawn by horses and wheels

Passion at its best ,Erotic sculptures of Konarak Sun Temple

Various dancing poses of  women , beautifully depicted on the walls of Konarak Sun Temple

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