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Places To See Arround Yumthung Valley, Sikkim

Zero Point,Sikkim - A Frosted White Wonderland

 N.B.This post is basically part of my earlier Sikkim post,Love At First Sight:Yumthung Valley.

In the shadow of hulking high peaks lies a wonderland of snow, giant glaciers and a trickling stream, where time seems to be frozen in a pristine white frame.

Zero Point,Yumesamdong,North Sikkim

It is exhilarating experience to drive through the high mountain passes of Sikkim. Landscape changes in every hair-pin bend from gorgeous golden paddy fields to gurgling waterfalls, from forest of conifers to a meadow of  primulas, rhododendrons. Jeep cuts through the chilled morning winds, climbing high, high and higher through the ribbon like path, grey swirls of clouds, fog obscured our vision, flecks of snow scattered here and there. We started rubbing our hands, pulling our shawls to escape shivering skin deep cold. The patches of snow started spreading and soon covered the mountain walls, carpeted the surroundings. We entered   into the country of clouds, snow and fog. The road side stone shows us - Yumesamdong - Zero Point, 15500 feet altitude in the North East state Sikkim (India).Quiet a few elated tourists playing with snowballs. But our Bolero MAX started chasing the winds on the highland pass with more speed, almost gliding through the icy treacherous road and our excitement infused to nervousness.

Yumthung Valley as seen from the winding road


A Stream trickles down the mountain ,at Zero Point,Sikkim

Delighted tourists near  Zero Point,Yumesamdong,Sikkim

The road took a turn and then all of a sudden, dramatic change of the panorama - pristine, white snow land shining underneath indigo blue sky, surrounded by the sky high mountain peaks.An Aquamarine stream trickles down the mountains with its own rhythm. The sharp bright autumn sun set everything sparkling. If there is a heaven on earth, then this is it.The place is cocooned by a soothing calmness.Completely absorbed by the aura of this heavenly beauty,we walked,slipped and hurled snow ball each other and took some snaps with tight hug, a frame forever.

Bright Autumn Sun sets everything sparkling

A no man's land, rubbing soldier with People's Republic of China, heavily patrolled by Indian Army. Few bankers lying scattered here and there like igloo in the polar land. I don’t know how they keep themselves so alert at this sub-zero temperature where survival is near to impossible.We are far away from the 'Zero point' and a heartfelt thanks to our guide cum driver.I always feel locals can guide you best to traverse not so trodden path. At this high altitude,15,500ft where temperature is below zero, it’s hard to speculate whims of weather. Soon canopy of clouds covered the elixir-blue of the sky, storm winds yanked us into our jeep and reverse tracing of the path. “Alice" is back from the Wonderland.

Coming Back from Zero Point,Yumesamdong,North Sikkim

How To Reach Zero Point:  

Normally, the package tour from Gangtok to Yumthung Valley will have sightseeing till Yumthang valley. Beyond this one can go upto  Yumesamdong famously known as zero-point by paying extra money directly to the driver.For more details how to reach and other thing please refer my earlier post on Yumthung Valley.
Picture Courtesy:Mr Gourab Mukherjee and rights reserved to this blog.