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Bird Watching In Sikkim

Dawn Chorus at Kaluk,West Sikkim

This summer I visited Kaluk ,a little hamlet immersed peacefully in the mountains of west Sikkim where spring is resounded with bird songs,tweeting,whistling.Though it was not my bird watching tour, but I loved to awaken at the peep of dawn with the chorus of different birds. Basically West Sikkim is heaven for bird watchers.I spotted many beautiful species like white cheeked himalayan bulbul,green-backed tit,whistling thrush,flycatchers around my resorts,Ghonday Village Resort,Kaluk. Often these little birds camouflaged themselves with the color of the nature ,so spotting them is difficult and even capturing them is more difficult. 
I spotted one little copper-sulphate bluish Verditer Flycatcher, peeping through the thick foliage, ready to take aerial pursuit for catching flying insects.

Magical Bird:Verditer Flycatcher, spotted at west Sikkim,Kaluk

Verditer Flycatcher , photographed at Kaluk,West Sikkim

 My mornings were melodious with the thin whistle like te te te ... of little blue beauties, asian verditer flycacthers.I was in the search for more birds and spotted an adult green-backed tit a small songbird on the backdrop of greenish yellow bamboo grooves, a perfect blending of colors.

Green Backed Tit ,photographed at Kaluk ,West Sikkim
I was sitting idle on the lawn chair and soon spied a white cheeked friendly bulbul , a himalayan variety with a crest on head sitting on a high branch and  searching for her company.

White Cheeked Himalayan Bulbul, photographed at Kaluk,West Sikkim
And my days were full off chirping sounds of dozens of restless himalayan black bulbuls , always hopping from one branches to other.I was a silent spectator of spring in the peaceful adobe of birds.

Himalayan Black Bulbul, photographed at West Sikkim,Kaluk
South and West Sikkim : Altitude  500 - 4000m. Contains  hotspots like Pelling/Pemayangtze (1500-2000m), Yuksom (1800m), Ravangla (2000m), Maenam Wild Life Sanctuary (3000m), Khechopari Lake (2000m), Dzongri, Versey Rhododendron Sanctuary and Kanchenjunga National Park.