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Princep Ghat :Kolkata Delights!

 Romancing With Setting Sun At Princep Ghat, Kolkata

It does not always matter where I am and it is not feasible to be in "so called" exotic destination always.Being a resident of Kolkata, a 300year old historical heritage city,I feel I am always inside an incredible city full of vibes and  eye catching milieu.Sunset always fascinates me.Princep Ghat is a place where I ( not only me you can too) can  romance with setting sun.
A gleaming white majestic heritage structure,memorial of James Princep built by the side of Hooghly river standing grandly ,a silent spectator of the most  romantic spot of the city.

I love to be there in twilight hours, being sited inside a hand rowing boat, sailing down the vastness of river, Hooghly.

Cotton clouds add colours to my sky-ways. Scarlet, vermillion, orange bands spread out across the sky with a golden luster and shimmering ripples make a hypnotic sound Lap Lap Lap while embracing the river bank. I gape at the spectacle .

In the evening monument is all lit up and it is beautiful panorama. The Vidyasagar setu and just opposite Howrah bridge scintillates over the darkness of river Ganges .My city looks resplendently beautiful.To experience this romanticism you have to spend 200-300 Rs, an inexpensive exotic stress buster.Lets romance !