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Walk In the 'Country Of Clouds'- Shillong

Meghalaya - The country of cloud,rain,hills with waterfalls, it is often described as the Scotland of East. Unforgettable moisture laden landscapes surrounded by the sarong of clouds,waterfalls,lakes and the lush green mountains makes 'Meghalaya' as India's one of the best kept secret.
This time it is our plan to spend the Christmas eve in Shillong.The compliment of "Small Piece of England" for Shillong is little bit overstatement after end of two decades of British Raj,but still  English homes with fireplace, live rock music at night clubs\pubs,christian population and delicious english spread will remind you the english summer.
Shillong is 100 KM drive from Guwahati Airport and even before reaching Shillong my plan was to spend a night at Umium Lake,only 20 Km before Shillong.Umium Lake with its placid blue water is a dreamy destination,an ideal spot for those who wants to be blessed by the beauty of nature in tranquility. Orchid Lake Resort on the banks of Umium overlooking Umium\Barapani is a perfect set up to take a break in the idyllic natural surroundings.Large wooden paneled rooms have huge lake facing balcony.

The placid blue water of Umium Lake,surrounded by the Meghalayan Plateau,an idyllic destination who seeks tranquility

Orchid Lake Resort on the banks of Umium Lake offers a pleasant stay

It was early morning wake up call and I came out of the warmth of the room heater.The whole surrounding was whitewashed,the pine forest,lake,mountains are covered with sarongs of morning mist. Early morning walk in surrounding wooded hills with chirping sound of birds will clean up your lungs with cool morning breeze and refresh your mind,a true escape to the serenity.

An early morning view of mist covered Umium Lake in the backdrop of Meghalayan plateau,surrounded by pine wooded hills

Now visit to Shillong is incomplete without visiting Cherapunjee and Nohkalikai falls.Cherapunjee once nominated as the place with highest rainfall in the world and now the title taken by nearest Mawsynram.Being situated at the region of world's rainiest part,there are many waterfalls and Nohkalikai is the most spectacular one.The best view of the Nohkalikai falls can only be experienced at rainy season.But drive through the grassland of meghalayan plateau from Shillong to Sohra is picturesque.Mesmerizing view of meghalayan countryside will once again make you realize why it is called "Scotland of East" by the British.

Journey through the picturesque meghalayan plateau.

Spectacular Nohkalikai Waterfalls, one of the india's tallest waterfall

Living behind the spectacular falls and the virgin greenery of Cherra,I headed for a small village Mawlynnong ,near Bangladesh border.My choice was not random as the village is recognized as Asia's most cleanest village and the living root bridge(a natural phenomena implemented brilliantly by the ancient local Khasi people) in the nearby village Riwai was the main reason to visit Mawlynnong - Asia's Cleanest Village.