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Living Root Bridge Of Meghalaya

One of the big attraction of Meghalaya is several hundred years old living root bridge,an awe-inspiring example of bio-engineering by the ancient Khasi people.In the monsoon it becomes impossible for the villagers to cross the turbulent streams.Instead of building bridges,khasis grows them.Bamboos or hollow trunk of betel nut trees are placed over the streams. Then the roots of rubber trees guided to pass through the hollow trunks of bamboo or betel nut and consequently roots reached the other side of the river and they are allowed to grow on the other side.Over a certain period of time the roots and their secondary roots gets twisted together and became stronger and more stronger and ready for use.It takes almost 10-15 years for living root bridge to function properly.Stones are inserted in the gaps later making it look like a stone-covered pathway.The Khasi people lived their live based upon these eco freindly principles  for centuries in perfect harmony with nature.

Living Root Bridge,Mawlynnong -A Natural phenomenon ,implemented brilliantly in the favor of mankind by local khasi people,innovated several 100 years ago.

In the monsoon when streams become terbulent,this living root bridges are the way of crossing the riwai river