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Shankarpur - Weekend Destination Near Kolkata

A Lonely Sea-beach In Shankarpur, WestBengal

Its time for high tide.Sky is pale and colorless.Curling waves are continuously striking shore.Though it is spring,mood of monsoon prevails in the air.I am standing on the unpopulated beach of Shankarpur. All I see few fishermen and locals.I can view a straight virgin beach as long as my eyesight can reach,bordering with casuarina plantation.Trees are bending towards the waves of wind.Winds are ruffling my hairs.It is a secluded affair of waves and winds.

Shankarpur Sea beach,West Bengal - A 'Sea and Me' kind of Destination

Shankarpur basically a beach village in West Beangal, by the side of Bay of Bengal with couple of hotels and resorts.Only 15 kilometers away from Bengal's popular beach destination,very much touristy Digha, Shankarpur is less crowded and with not much to do activities.For me its an ideal weekend destination from Kolkata as sometimes I love to be alone,want to cherish my oneness,want to get rid off earthly pleasure.Its only 'sea and me' kind of destination without the baggage of so called touristy spot.I stayed in a sea facing room of Belanivas,basic decent hotel,just few minutes away from beach.I slept all night with the sound of sea.

Gone With the Wind
Next morning ,as dawn breaks,sun rises above the sea,vivid sky with warmer tones of red crimson orange summons a new day.A sight to behold,an celebration to be remembered!As the sun started getting warmer, I slowly approached towards sea,hugging those huge waves,but a sudden surge of wave sweep me back to the shore where I do belong.Its fun playing with waves,bathing and swimming in a desolated sea,nobody watching you. It was a memorable weekend with sea,sun and sea foods.

Undisturbed affair of winds  & waves under the shadow of clouds @ Shankarpur Beach

Where To Stay At Shankarpur:

Without having a sea facing room visit to Shankarpur is not worth.So while booking your hotel at Shankarpur please check how far beach is.Nest is quite a good family resort with kids play area,large rooms and good food,but away from beach. Belanivas,a basic hotel,almost on the beach with delicious food as an added plus points(prawns,crabs, & they will serve you varieties of sea food along mutton chicken,vegetable dishes as per your wish).When you are in Shankarpur try your luck with Bengali cuisine specially rice with prawn curry.

How to get into Shankarpur: Shankarpur from Kolkata

Shankarpur Beach ,WestBengal