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Say It With Roses - Valentine Day Gateway

Valentine Day has been celebrated with much hype and love with long queue in-front of flower's boutique and shops.But how do you feel to unwind with your valentine in a gateway settled in the backdrop of smokey mountains with a blue lake deep inside?Decked up by different hues of flowers?Freshens up by sweet fragrances?Encircled by sky watching slender conifers?
It will be awesome feeling in this surreal arrangement.Poppy,dahlias,chrysanthemums will greet you from the lawns of hotels-resorts.Little daises will nod their heads from the balcony of colonial bungalows.A city full of roses and petals.Ooty is all about these like a queen ornamented by gardens and parks.Botanical garden,rose garden,Sim's park(in Kotagiri\Connor,few kilometers away from Ooty)are few of them. 
Lost into the rose's land @ Ooty Rose Garden
Ooty's very famous rose garden is a five terraced step garden on the slope of Elk hill.Ooty rose garden hosts almost 17,000 varieties,biggest in India too.I visited the place in spring.As I put my first step,a sweet rosy smell filled up my nostrils,and a sight to behold forever.A landscape filled up by stunning roses in every possible corner of the garden with fluttering of  butterflies and busy bees.As the sun rays kissed those soft petals,they seem to blush with delight.As the roses are beautiful,so as the names-"wedding delight","lovers pride","queen of  hearts" and so on. I started passing from one bush to other through the cobbled pavements.Not able to ignore the appeal of a single one as each one of them is unique in texture,pigmentation & pattern with every possible combination,even in black,blue,green.I was passing like a addicted person and tried to capture almost every species through my lens and kept admiring them endlessly.

Symbol Of Love and Compassion

Busy Bees On Red Roses @Ooty Rose Garden  

Pink is my favorite
Plants are maintained with utmost care by the Department of horticulture of the Government of Tamilnadu and unpicked though thousands of visitors visit the garden daily in peak season.An example of sensible tourism.The best time to visit the place is April and May when garden is fully bloomed.I have stayed at Sagar Holiday Resort and to check about this resort follow my another post: Rediscovering Ooty
A Sight To Behold Forever - At Ooty Rose Garden
Photograph clicked by Gourab Mukherjee